Permanent Recruitment

Finding a perfect match between your company and a potential talent can be a complex task, but our team members are proud to lend a helping hand.

We’ll take care of identifying, screening, and placing all of your potential employees. You can count on us to complete all of the necessary steps required to fill your specific position.

Thanks to our large pool of candidates and our expertise, we are here to support you and develop a long-lasting relationship, as we continue to serve as your primary employment agency in Montreal.

Temporary Recruitment

Canada Global Recruitment offers a temporary recruitment service for those short and long-term needs of your company. Whenever you’re seeking a qualified candidate to handle a rush in production, increased seasonal demand, to serve as a vacation replacement of current employees we are here to pair the right candidate with the right job.

Time & Attendance Systems

Our customized, web-based punch clock platform and time attendance solutions allow for more efficient management, monitoring, and reporting of workforce hours. Instantly gain access to a powerful snapshot tool specifically designed to analyze data and make insight-driven decisions. Mondiale Canada provides turnkey systems – including hardware, installation, and training.

Welcome and Accommodation Services

As part of our international recruitment process. We take care of newly arrived contract workers by assisting them in renting an apartment, applying for and receiving all required government documents and credentials, opening a bank account, and so much more. We even walk them through any additional immigration concerns or demands in order to give our clients and their newfound employees complete peace of mind.

Payroll & Staff Management

Affordable, innovative, and comprehensive, Canada Global Recruitment offers a full range of payroll services for our clients to take advantage of. For us, nothing is more important than helping you find some much-needed relief from the administrative burden of any size payroll – from a single contractor to thousands of permanent or temporary employees.

Heavy Vehicle Training Center

We have a strong expertise in hiring truck drivers. And when it comes to international recruitment, there are never shortages in the recruitment pool. We’ve designed and implemented a heavy vehicle training program to help onboard international workers quickly.

Our proprietary program consists of industry-tailored English and French language group classes, North American driving standards, and in-depth training for DOT&MTO regulations, as well as CBP & CBSA requirements and procedures. Our instructors are former truck drivers and transportation professionals, this allows us to efficiently train and prepare the drivers for North American working conditions.

Once, all of the immigration work is completed, we will work with drivers to get a Quebec or Ontario heavy vehicle driver’s license and any other permits needed to start working. By the end of the training process, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll receive a professional driver ready to start working. But not only will they be ready to begin, they’ll also be fully dedicated to your company and ready to deliver exceptional service in line with your values.

Canada Global Recruitment offers following courses included in our training program:

  • Theoretical & Practical Exam Preparation – SAAQ & Drive Test Center Ontario
  • English Group Classes (Transportation, DOT Requirements, Cross-Border Procedures)
  • French Group Classes (Transportation)
  • HOS Training (Hours of Services Rules & Regulations)
  • CBP&CBSA (Cross-Border Procedures& Requirements)
  • Securing a load/Understanding Load Dimensions
  • Pre-Trip/Post-Trip Inspections
  • Reefer operation
  • Hitching/Uncoupling Semi-Trailers
  • Defensive Driving & Accident Prevention
  • Transporting Dangerous Goods
  • Reversing Techniques
  • Eco-Driving
  • Air Braking Systems

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